Corporate Business

In an to effort reduce organisational inefficiencies Presys Group caters for organisations requiring the implementation of new and/or emerging technologies with the development of new applications and training of staff to suit our client needs.

Many years of experience in the manufacturing, energy and information technology industries enable us to meet the specialised needs of industry and commerce and with the increased demands of today’s competitive marketplaces are forcing companies to assess and develop new processes and software applications in order to manage and deliver optimum results. Education is an essential part within the successful implementation of these applications and processes.

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Service & Support

Software Design & Engineering
Server Applications Development
Desktop Application Development
Managed IT Services
Infrastructure Management
Installation Services
Network, Communications & Cabling
Systems Administration
Backup Systems
Web Design & Hosting
Process Automation
Application Design
Remote Area Specialists
Training Services
Training Manual Development
User Manual Documentation
Engineering Service Provider – Ford C3P Approved

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